Career Coaching

answers to frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I’m ready to get started, what’s next?

We can get started quickly! Here are the first few steps we’ll take together:

  1. 30-minute Strategy Session by phone, video call or in my office. To begin, complete the quick scheduling form.

  2. After the Strategy Session, I will follow up with you by phone or email to determine which coaching package is right for you (sometimes we do that during our 30-minute Strategy Session described in step 1).

  3. You complete our Coaching Agreement and send a payment

  4. 90-minute Intake Session to cover questions and activities, such as completing a Wheel of Life exercise and the beginning of a Values Inventory.

We design the coaching alliance between us, prioritize your short- and long-term goals and their value/importance to you. We’ll co-create assignments, activities and questions to move you to your goal. This is a process in which we decide which of the tools in my toolbox will help you make progress.

May I contact you between coaching sessions?

Absolutely! You can email me with questions, materials, ideas and other matters. Count on me responding, but it will be brief. If further discussion is needed or if a response requires more of my time, I will suggest that we discuss at our next coaching session.

What are your coaching payment terms?

Good question. All coaching packages are payable in advance, I’m not able to take payments incrementally, over time. When we are ready to begin, I will send you an invoice via PayPal or Zelle, which are my preferred methods. I also accept personal checks.

What happens if I need to re-schedule?

Sometimes life happens! Let me know with 24 hours notice and we’ll reschedule.

If you need to change our standing meeting time (for example change from Thursday evening to Tuesday morning), I’d appreciate two weeks notice so that I can shift other obligations.

What happens if I miss a session or need to cancel at last-minute?

If you’re sick or if there is a true emergency, we’ll simply reschedule.

If you do not show up at our agreed-upon time without 24-hours notice, your session is forfeited. I do this because I reserve a special time for you weekly or bi-weekly. If you don’t show up or cancel without notice, I can't schedule anyone else into that slot.

What happens if I need to end my work with you before our time is up?

There are a few ways to answer this:

If we have not met for any coaching sessions yet, you can cancel coaching for a full refund.

Once we have begun:

  • Refunds for sessions that are already active will not receive a refund.

  • If you have chosen a package and feel complete with fewer sessions, a notice of two session prior to ending the coaching is required. Except in special circumstances, I will encourage you to continue so that you are able to complete your goals and don't leave when the going gets tough.

  • If you still wish to discontinue our sessions together, then your refund will be calculated as follows:

    • Original Package Fee – Sessions used = Refund [example: $2,400 - 6 sessions ($1,200) = $1,200]

What else do I need to know about working together?

I’m glad you asked! The expectations and terms of our work together is detailed in our Coaching Agreement.