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Summer, 2019 Promotional Packages

12-SESSION PROGRAM is 10% off $1,500 $1,350

  1. We start with a 90-Minute Intake/Discovery Session

  2. We’ll collaborate in 45-minute long working sessions. These can be scheduled anywhere from weekly to 2-times per month – at your choice. Our working sessions can take place by phone, in office (located in Maryland, in the Annapolis-area) or via video call (E.g.

Clients who wish to extend coaching to 24 sessions after a 12-session package will receive the second 12 sessions at 20% off (a $600 savings).

24-SESSION PROGRAM is 15% off $3,000 $2,550

Everything described in the 12-session program, plus in-depth work on leadership and management skills, navigating change and any focus areas we determine in the discovery process.

Expansion program, $125 per hour

Many clients choose to continue on a monthly basis or once we have worked together. We can schedule periodic check-ins as needed.

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The Contact page list my phone number, email address or a form that you can use to speak directly and confidentially with me about circumstances which may qualify you for sliding-scale rates or any concerns you have about costs.

Details about payment and terms in the FAQ >>


Research by the International Coaching Federation shows that it takes several months to be well on the path to achieving their goals. This is why the packages are set up in 3-month increments.

Nancy Jo is insightful, wise, adaptable and effective. A key quality for me was her consistent coaching style with me. During our first session, she asked me what would work best for me: gentle, guiding, or pushing.  Her coaching style and belief that we all really know our own sometimes-forgotten-truth have given me wings that I never knew were there all along. And when we know we can fly and where we want to go… watch out! — K.H., Entrepreneur