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The Power of Story

We all have a story we tell ourselves to explain who we are and how our world works.  

Since the dawn of language, humans have been making up stories to make sense of what they see, feel and experience.

All our stories, in a sense are made up, but we begin to treat our personal narrative as if it is the whole truth when in fact, we made it up. We then treat it as the totality of truth and cramp our lives and limit our learning.

For example, compare this story:

I am a middle-aged divorced woman with a chronic medical condition

With this one:

I have some shit in my life but I am giong to make compost out of it and grow something beautiful that will survive the inevitable weeds.

Which narrative offers more possibility for growth and satisfaction?  

Note:  this is actually my story.

My question to you: Is your story big enough to live in and – as the American Indians say – serve seven generations forward?

Coaching is one tool that can help you create your answer to that question, as you seek clarity about your career, leadership and purpose.

Nancy Jo Steetle