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Every Cell of Your Body is Eavesdropping on What You Tell Yourself

“Every cell of your body is eavesdropping on what you tell yourself.” – Deepak Choprak

Our bodies are listening in on us everytime we disempower ourselves. As your body listens, it can react in ways that affects your health.

When we mutter to ourselves, “I’ll never get out of this job – I’m too old and it’s too late.”

… “I can never learn these new skills.”

… Or, “I just don’t have what it takes to make a change.”

… Or, “I always freeze up at the interview stage,”

… Or, “I’ll never know what I really want.  I can’t even remember what I once wanted.”

This is negative self talk.

There are perspectives and practices that can begin to halt, reframe and redirect this negative self talk.

You can begin this process by just noticing that you are doing it. The power of noticing begins to create space to allow you to see it. We can’t change anything until we can name it, then the work of reducing its negative power can begin.

Try noticing for a a couple of weeks.  Your body already is, and it is reacting.

It also listens and reacts  to the positive comments you tell yourself:

“It’s going to be interesting to explore this option.”

… Or, “I wonder what I might learn or hear?”

… Or, “I can be courageous and take the next step.”

What is your body listening to right now?

Nancy Jo Steetle